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The fact that the progress of nations is measured by services which are became available to the citizens in all fields, especially in the field of information technology for this reason the company has been established for the purpose of providing exceptional Internet service to citizens and businesses in all provinces of the country. We are eager to make our service to be good and continuous in order to facilitate the process of public communication of citizens with each other as well as with the outside world. Which will lead to finding an effective way and help citizens to get new information and keep up with global development, which will contribute to raising the efficiency and progress, in addition to keep up with local and world events quickly and accurately. It is an Iraqi company where fully includes the finest staff, specialized in all related to the provision of service and follow-up and repair faults to ensure the sustainability and quality of service areas. The company also provides technical support services at all hours of the day and throughout the week in order to give our customers confidence, credibility and speed of response to their demands using the latest technologies in order to serve our customer, taking into consideration providing technical support at competitive prices to the citizens to provide an opportunity for everyone to take advantage of the service, regardless of level the standard of living of citizens.

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